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"I'm still in the closet because my conservative parents pay for college."
What is it like being closeted in college? How do you deal with feelings, struggles and relationships when no one knows what you're dealing with? These 21 people discuss these struggles and how they cope with staying in the closet. Read on for the heartbreaking confessions.

College students share their struggles of being in the closet.

The only reason I don't want to go to the same college as my sister is because that's when I plan to come out of the closet
I'm gay and still in the closet. Sometimes it just kills me whether should I hate or love myself. Decision is so tough when you are living in a conservative Muslim country while struggling in college.
I'm starting college here soon and my roommate is fricken perfect!! 😍 Too bad he's straight and I'm in the closet... 😣

The struggle.

I really want to come out of the closet, but I can't. My grandfather is paying for my college, and if he were to know, I couldn't get in.
18 male going into college and scared as fuck because
1. still a virgin
2. still in the closet
3. leaving home without having my first kiss
College life was supposed to be freeing, not having to lock myself back in the closet. Perks of going to a Christian university...

How do you deal with it emotionally?

Why I won't come out of the closet: My moms #1 advice for college is to stay away from the non-straight people and to not do things that straight people wouldn't do.
Being gay, single,and in college and the closet is very depressing.
Im a lesbian in the closet and this is the only place  i can say  this without feeling like being judge. Im n a sorority and a cheerleader for my college

How do you even go about coming out?

I'm 18 and still in the closet and my dad's pretty homophobic I wanted to come out before college but I don't know how
I came out as a trans guy when I was 16.
When I went to college I went back into the closet.
Now I'm starting my second year & I don't think I can shove it away much longer...
My goal once school starts is to be more open about my sexuality it's my second year in college and I'm getting tired of still being halfway in the closet.

It's complicated.

I wish I could come out of the closet -- but I'm going in to college and have a roommate which makes everything so much more complicated
It's nearly impossible to make gay friends if you're "straight" acting, spent college in the closet, and you're not hot.
I fucking hate my life so damn much! I just found out I failed a college class for the 2nd time, I dislike the way I look, and I'm still in the closet!! What do I do?!! I feel like life is passing me.

How do you pursue a relationship if you're not even out of the closet?

I think I'm starting to like a girl in my college class but she's not into girls and I'm still a bit of a closet lesbian
I'm 22 but still in the closet about being bi because my family helps with my college... I just wanna be open

What are your struggles of being in the closet in college?

I am a lesbian. It's my second year in college and I am still in the closet. I am not even out to my roommate and most friends. Even worse, I've got a very traditional Asian parent. It sucks.
I'm almost done with HS, and am still closeted. My parents are paying for my college. So I could stay in the closet, go to college, or come out and find a different way of life. What would you do?
I'm a closet lesbian. I can't come out because my dad and my college best friend won't accept me.


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