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20 Alarming Stories From Patients Who Had Botched Surgeries
Surgery. Nobody ever utters the word and gets a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Surgery is often a necessity to heal an injury, and is sometimes performed for cosmetic purposes. The truth? Not all surgeries go smoothly. Check out these stories from those who have experienced botched surgeries that may shock you.

Surgeries are more complicated than we can sometimes comprehend

my botched surgery from 3 years ago on my stomach/intestines ripped open and began leaking into the rest of my abdomen

An unfortunate situation...

I hate the Canadian health care system. I've had 2 botched surgeries and they botched one of my father's. Now because our doctor ran off to Mexico we can't get our medications.

Stop the bleeding!

Appendicitis. Surgeon botched my surgery and I started bleeding out internally.

Messed up medical procedures can have adverse effects

Medically I can no longer have children bc of a botched surgery. I feel like it's God's punishment for an abortion I had 9 years ago b4 my only child. It's all I think about. I don't believe in God.
I had a botched surgery and because of it, I'm infertile.

Sometimes the patient can improve their condition on their own

3 yrs ago drs told me they'd have to amputate my leg bc of a botched surgery. I've worked hard 2get flexibility back. I have pain but I still have my leg!