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IVF Patients Tell Us What Egg Retrieval Surgery Is Like
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I had my egg retrieval last week and as of today there are 10 future babies being frozen.
I had an egg retrieval for in-vitro fertilization yesterday.
Today, we received word that we have 13 embryos.
Going through IVF egg retrieval this AM. Nervous but can't wait to stop having swollen ovaries. Trying to think happy thoughts...
I have 6 follicles... my egg retrieval is Sunday. I’m so exited. I didn’t even think I’d get 1 so to get 6  just makes me so happy. Hopefully one of them becomes my baby 😍
Needles are actually inserted vaginally through a catheter and the recovery is about three full days. You go under anesthesia for the egg retrieval in addition to injecting meds prior to for about two weeks to stimulate egg growth.
The hormone treatment and drugs needed for egg retrieval can really affect the woman. She'll need support. She'll be injecting herself everyday. It's a huge emotional deal.