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Men Tell All: The Rudest Comments I Received On My Wedding Day
Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the happiest moments of your life. However, it can take just one awful comment to put a damper on the entire day. These grooms learned this to be true the hard way. These men get real about the nastiest comments they received on their special day. These confessions are sure to shock you and remind you what not to say at a wedding!


My mother in law told my wife that I was sleeping with her and ruined the most expensive night of my life. We haven't spoken to her since.


I was asked if my about to be wife had 'a touch of downs' from my aunt. On my wedding day.

No filter at all.

"At least she looks white."

My racist grandma said that to me on my wedding day about my new wife.

Who even says that?

My mother in law said that 'I look a rapist' at my own wedding... Even though I've only made love to my wife and it was never forced (obviously!)

Thanks a lot...

My mother-in-law reminded me of my new wife's student debt at our wedding. So much for a congratulations...

So uncalled for.

My MIL told me I could have done better with the ring I got her daughter. This was halfway through our wedding. I didn't speak to her for months after that.