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I Believe Prayer Should Be Back In Schools. Here's Why...
"Freedom OF religion, not freedom from it."

A school had to ban kids from having a prayer group before hours around the flag pole in my town.I'm atheist but I still think it's wrong to make them stop. freedom of religion,not freedom from it
I don't see anything wrong with allowing prayer in school, as long its not required that everyone does it.
I feel like prayer in schools and other public places should be allowed, but not forced.
Do people realize that when we had prayer in schools still is when things were better? Bringing it all and the pledge back into school would help tremendously I believe.
I believe in prayer in schools, every child should learn to pray to every religions Gods, so in the end they learn that no religion is more important than any other.
I think Muslims should be allow to pray in school and I'm a Christian I also think people should be allow to wear religious jewelry in school
Saying don't pray in school, is like saying don't be gay in school. It's just wrong and messed up to say. Don't be the asshole who keeps acting like he wants equality but try's to tell someone what there doing is wrong and god isn't real
I honestly believe the day we took God out of everything (praying in school .etc) was the day this nations fall began
Why is it we are fine with Muslim girls wearing their head coverings but not with children praying in school.
There is nothing stopping a Christian kid from saying a prayer at school. I'm so sick of Christians saying kids don't have religious freedom at school. It's just not true, for Christians anyway.
Someone started shaming me for praying in my car outside school one day.
If a Muslim can wear her hijab to school, a Christian can take a few moments to pray at school.
Iv decided that I'm going to start praying at school. I'm not afraid to show who I am and who I serve.
As long as there are tests, there will be prayer in schools.
Conservatives are correct. Prayer should be allowed in schools.

Every kid should have the right to sacrifice a goat to Satan before first period
Another shooting😞
We NEED prayer back in schools. 
This is what happens when God is not allowed in schools.
I've been to both catholic and public schools, and there's no way to describe to my public school friends how amazing it feels when your favourite prayer is chosen to be read that morning.
I think that prayer shouldn't be taken out of schools. Everyone should have a silent prayer so that every kid can pray to their own god..and for the atheists they can be sent out of the room to wait.
Isn't it just ironic that it was after the U.S removed God from their money bill, prayer from schools and so on that evil things started happening in The U.S? Like the U.S is the most hated country 😕
The government removed Prayer from the schools.  They interfered with raising our children.

Now the government builds more prisons than schools.

And we as a society wonder,  "What happened".


"As A Teacher, I Refuse To Teach Creationism. I Teach Science, Not Fantasy"