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17 Wild Confessions From Private School Students
Attending a private school comes with a few unpleasant stereotypes. People think that students who study at these elite (aka super expensive) institutions are uptight snobs with no respect for anyone living below the upper class. While some students proudly live up to the stereotype, others would say their lifestyle is quite the opposite. Whatever their candor may be, all agree that what goes down when administrators aren't looking is buck wild.

Sorry, not sorry.

My family's wealthy. I go to a private school. I wear designer and I'm a snob. But I don't care.


I went to private school and we weren't allowed to dance because dancing is "vertical position with a horizontal desire"


Thinking ahead.

I go to a private school and we have the schoolgirl uniform

In a few years or when I am married or something i plan on rehemming them to use them for a different reason


When I went to private school, I used to pretend I was at Hogwarts because the uniform I wore looked like Hermione's.


Private school didn't help prepare me for college at all. 
Waste of money.

Fake it till you make it.

I go to an expensive private school & try to fit in with the rich kids. 
My secret is I can't even afford 3 meals a day.