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Is It Too Easy To Get An Emotional Support Animal? These 15 Confessions Will Shock You
Should there be stricter qualifications when it comes to emotional support dogs? While there are individuals who do in fact need their ESAs, there are others who abuse the system. Delta Airlines recently caused quite the stir when they decided to crack down on people bringing their emotional support animals onto flights, due to events similar to those depicted in these shocking confessions.

Instances like this are why airlines like Delta have been cracking down.

I work for an airline and the emotional support animal thing is getting out of hand. Someone had an Emotional Support Fish. I wish I made that up.

There are people who do need them...

So I have an ESA (Emotional Support Animal) because of extreme PTSD. My roommate made his puppy an ESA so he doesn’t have to pay a pet deposit.

Are they right?

People are telling me I have lost my mind because I am getting a cockatiel as an emotional support Animal for anxiety and panic attacks.

There are also others who simply take advantage of the system.

My CFO had his admin get his dog "registered" as an ESA just so he wouldn't have to kennel her on his plane ride to LA. Maybe you don't abuse it, but there are people who do.

There's a loophole in everything.

The apartment I want will accept me but won't let me take my lizard so I'm going to register him as an emotional support animal and then they can't tell me no :)

Rules are rules.

Getting an ESA seems like a really good way to avoid paying extra at my apartment to get a dog..