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17 Symptoms That Show Keto Flu Is No Joke
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At first, you may not recognize the symptoms.

For some reason I got really sick with the Keto Diet. Not like food poisoning. Like my body felt terrible. I had no energy and I just felt weak all of the time

If you don't hold out, you'll have to go through it all over again.

I tried keto this week and the keto flu was bad. Constant headache, fatigue, random nausea, and the cravings were crazy. I finally gave in one night & now I have to start again.

Getting through it is tough.

Anyone have any tips for getting through the keto flu? Last time I got so lightheaded I passed out 😕

There are no words.

When the keto flu hits you and you just uggghhhhhh

It's different for everyone.

My keto flu was weakness, dizziness, cramps, foggy head. Not actual "cold" symptoms.

There are tips to help ease the pain.

Gradually dropping your carb and sugar intake helps to avoid keto flu. Track your meals and macro intake.