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Firefighter Wives Tell All: What It's Really Like To Love A Man In Uniform
Many women find firefighters to be extremely sexy. A man in uniform is desirable to plenty of ladies. Maybe it's their incredible physique or the fact that they save lives. However, being married to a firefighter isn't always like a firehouse fantasy. This job requires you to put your life in danger every time you are called out to a fire. Needless to say, it's hard to handle as a spouse. These confessions may make you want to purchase a sexy fireman calendar instead of dating one. You be the judge.

So touching.

My husband keeps our babies ultrasound picture in his helmet for good luck. I'm so lucky to have him. He's a firefighter.

It's hard not to worry.

My husband is a firefighter and works 24hr shifts. Nights he's not home I sometimes have nightmares so bad I sleep with the lights on.


My boyfriend is a firefighter. He told me the other day it's so he can be sexy for me. You know what's sexy? A decent salary and a job that doesn't compromise your safety...

Difficult situation.

I hate CFS. My husband  is a firefighter and always puts it before me, he's obsessed. While I sit at home with depression.


I'm a nurse and my boyfriend is a firefighter. I love that we are both doing amazing work, but it seems like we never see each other because of work. Our schedules are both insane.

Rightfully so.

My boyfriend a firefighter and when he gets up to leave for calls it scares me. It's going to be a long lonely night without him