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Steamy Confessions From People Who Find Members Of Donald Trump's Team Attractive
If you had to choose one member of Trump's team to have a crush on, who would it be? From around the time of the 2016 Presidential Election through early 2017, Donald Trump has worked to assemble his cabinet and staff up other areas of The White House. The fact of the matter exists that many of the people filling senior-level positions on his staff make themselves present quite often in the public eye. Naturally, we the people evaluate Trump's staff members' qualifications, decisions, and sometimes something as superficial as their appearance. The following 19 people have confessed their Trump team and family crushes.

Some people have the hots for Trump's press secretary Sean Spicer. And they can't quite put their finger on why

I think something is wrong with me. I suddenly find myself thinking Sean Spicer is hot!!!

You have to admit, his choice of rabbit suit from back in 2008 was completely on point


I think Sean Spicer
 is sexy.

Some folks gravitate more towards our Vice President Mike Pence

I have a thing for older guys and I find Mike Pence attractive.

Some people have an eye for the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson

I think Ben Carson is kinda hot

Former governor of Texas and current member of Trump's cabinet as Secretary of Energy Rick Perry has been driving people wild

Am I the only nineteen year old who finds former governor Rick Perry attractive? Lol
Anyone else thinks Rick Perry looks sexy with his glasses?