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Keep These Confessions From Nurses In Mind The Next Time You're In A Hospital
What do nurses really think about their line of work, their patients and more? While most encounters with nurses are nothing short of professional, there's a side to them that people don't see. Follow along as these 19 nurses take us through the frustrating side of their day-to-day life. They aren't holding anything back in these eye-opening confessions.


I'm a nurse. I hate when other nurses ridicule patients for being in pain, then look down on me for being so empathetic. Nurses are supposed to advocate for patients, not ridicule them!

Some recognition would be nice.

I'm a nurse and I hate it when people say "Thank you God" and forget to say thank you to us. We're the ones who've done the hard work, not God.


I'm a nurse and I hate it when people try to sexualize my job. Honey, there's nothing sexy about what nurses do.

People make the job that much more challenging.

I'm a nurse and I love my patients but I HATE their family members.

Not the same thing.

I'm a nurse.
I hate it when people treat me like a butler.

You don't know what it's like behind the scenes.

As a nurse I hate that my patients think I don't feel...I've cried many times in the bathroom...