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These 20 People Show Us What It Takes To Get Arrested In College
"I was always the girl who did nothing wrong"

I got arrested twice for DUI. I have completely turned my life around and am looking forward to my college graduation. But I'm afraid I'll still never get a job because of this.
I'm your typical good girl, 4.0 in college, never misses class,
no one knows I got arrested my freshman year
I was arrested in college for drinking on campus. During a lecture. Worst of decisions😥
I was always the girl who never did anything wrong. 
Then I went to college.
I got arrested during my first semester.
I got arrested when I was a freshman in college and now that I've graduated I can't find a job because of my record
In college, I stole a T-shirt to impress a girl.  I got arrested.  The worst decision I ever made was telling Morgan Stanley on my background check that I did it.  My offer to become a banker in NYC (120k salary) was rescinded.  I look back at that moment that I decided to come clean with so much angst...