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18 People Who Got Married To Their Rebounds
After a long relationship, people tend to play the field, but what happens when things get too serious with your rebound relationship? These people ended up saying, "I do" to the person that was meant to be a hookup. Some survived. Others...not so much. Find out more below.


I married my rebound and had his baby. I'm ashamed of telling him I want a divorce

You never really get over your first love.

I married my rebound.  He treats me like the only one on the world.  Part of me will always love my ex but I'm grateful he's my past.

They found love in a hopeless place.

My husband doesn't know he was a rebound, when me and an ex split. We are happily married. You'll find love in all the right places.

A new kind of love triangle.

My ex-wife is my best friend...
My current wife is a rebound...
My future wife is married...

And that's how the story goes....
My secret

A little late to come that that realization...

I am afraid I got married too soon after my last relationship. I told myself it wasnt a rebound but I am not sure now. I wish I had taken more time for me.

Whatever works!

I got into a relationship after a long-term relationship, wondered if she was a rebound. I married my rebound and she's amazing.