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21 Mysteries About Morticians Revealed
What is it like inside the world of a mortician? To others, preparing bodies for burial or cremation may seem like an usual job (and it is in some respects), but even they go through a daily grind, as these people show. These morticians are pulling back the curtain on their mysterious but interesting profession. Find out the surprising things they had to say about their job in the following confessions.

Think ahead.

Because I work as a mortician, I've planned my funeral more thoroughly than I've planned my future wedding.

Dating is an interesting challenge.

I don't lie about my job on dates, but I always get a little nervous as to what my date's reaction might be. I'm a mortician.

Just another day on the job.

I'm a mortician and I handle it well. But I have my moments. Like when I ripped apart and burned my white work shirt because it had a bloodstain on it.

There's mystery behind being a mortician.

As soon as people find out I'm a mortician, they have a lot of questions.
I'm an undertaker. I bury people every day, but I'm afraid I'll have no one at my funeral when the day comes

People have a fear of the unknown.

I'm a mortician. People get scared and keep their distance because of my job. It sucks.