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Women Tell All: My Partner Doesn't Know I Have Major Baby Fever
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I have major baby fever and want a baby now. My husband wants to wait a couple years. Thinking about quitting taking my birth control so I can “accidentally” get pregnant.

Why bring it up?

I have baby fever  .......my boyfriend doesn't know how bad I want one right now but there is no point in telling him because now is not the time for a baby

It's no joking matter.

I want a baby soo bad... but I'm still in high school.. I have this baby fever,&my boyfriend thinks it's cute but he doesn't know I'm 100% serious :/


I've got baby fever! My husband doesn't know I plan sex around my ovulation day so maybe we can get pregnant.

You're not ready to stop.

I'm having baby fever again but my boyfriend doesn't know. I tell my boyfriend I don't want anymore kids, but secretly I want two more.

You'd jump at the opportunity.

My boyfriend doesn't know I have terrible baby fever. I'd marry him and get pregnant tomorrow.