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The Rich Reveal Exactly How They Made Their Fortune
Have you ever looked at someone with money and wondered how they did it? When you're not in that bracket, the thought of making millions can seem like an impossible feat, but it may be simpler than you think. These rich individuals are now opening up about the different ways they made their fortunes, along with the crucial skills they learned along the way. Find out what they had to say in these eye-opening confessions.

Super important.

I made my millions by learning who to trust. Teach yourself this skill and you will earn your fortune.

A crucial skill to have.

I didn't get rich by being lazy. I got rich by knowing where my time was worth spending.

Plain and simple.

I never had a job but I made my fortune through investing. I learn quickly and worked hard.

You'd rather people didn't know.

I made a fortune mining bitcoins in my basement and I don’t know if I should tell people around me.. I don’t want to be used.

Usually a safe bet.

Real estate is very lucrative. That's where I made my fortune

Do something you love.

I made my fortune by being really good at baseball. I'm lucky I found my passion at a young age.