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True Life: I'm Married, But Wish I Could Have Same Sex Hookups
If you thought being in the closet was hard, try being in the closet while you are married! The confessions show that some people are longing for gay love, despite being married to the opposite gender. Some couples have more secrets than others.

I got married 5 days ago. 

But while my wife sleeps I'm getting off to gay vids
I wish I could hook up with women secretly. I'm married to a man and have children. I never told anyone I'm lesbian.
I've been married for 3 years. My husband knows I'm a little bi. But I feel more gay every day.  I love him. But I just want to be with a woman.
I'm married with kids, but fantasize about being a gay bottom
I'm straight and married, but sometimes have a fantasy about a gay guy somehow turning me gay like him.
I'm married but every now and then I meet my gay neighbour and we have the best sex. So confused