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Trans People Reveal How They Realized Their Gender Identity
Coming out as transgender doesn't just happen overnight. There is the process of realization that happens before that. Realizing you are trans is different for everyone. Some people knew from childhood, while others were confused their whole life. It's easy to confuse your real identity with other identities or other feelings. These people reveal their personal journey and how they finally knew they weren't cisgendered. These confessions are a great reminder to always be your true, authentic self.

AH, there it is.

I knew I was trans before I knew there was a word for it.


I couldn't picture myself as a mom, so I started imagining myself as a dad. That's how I realized that I'm trans.

It's not a choice.

Being trans is like being turned into a superhero.  It's not that we want to. We have to. It's the life we were given.
I knew at the age of 6.

What a beautiful realization.

I just fully realized I'm transgender tonight. I've always thought I was just gender fluid but I put on a binder for the first time and I've never been happier than that moment. I felt I'm who I am supposed to be.

It was meant to be.

I figured out I was trans after being mistaken for a boy 24/7. Teachers would call me a boy on accident and apologize, but I was just like "No, I like it."

Societal norms aren't always normal.

When I was little, I thought it was normal for boys to like girly things and love being girly. I was 10 when I realized that I was trans.