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True Life: I'm A Bounty Hunter
What is it like being a real-life bounty hunter? While the unusual trade was brought into the spotlight with the show "Dog The Bounty Hunter", what are the experiences from others in the industry? Take a look at the surprising lives of 19 real-life bounty hunters. Find out what they had to say in these surprising confessions.

Bounty hunters have an interesting job to say the least.

I'm a bounty hunter, and I just caught the biggest bounty I've ever had. He'll probably get life & now I know why. After being tazed, maced, and busting his head open he still fought...

There are some crazy moments.

I'm a bounty hunter. Yesterday I went out for a hunt and I chased down this dude and got shot at. I don't wear a vest because I don't fear death but it was a blast.

What are the odds?

I'm a bounty hunter.  I just got tasked to pull a guys bond.  When I looked at the file I realized it's my childhood best friend.  I'm conflicted

People don't understand.

None of my relatives or my friends know I'm a bounty hunter investigating the human trafficking rings in Washington DC and Hollywood. Nor do they know I'm trying to capture my father's killer.

Stalking at its finest.

I'm a bounty hunter and investigator.. I can get peoples cell numbers and even ping their number to locate them


When I tell people I'm a bounty hunter they all ways bring up Dog. It's annoying.