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True Life: This Is What It’s Like To Be Polyamorous And Get Engaged
It's a moment you've pictured for your entire life: your proposal. But as someone in a poly relationship, proposing comes with its own unique set of challenges. These individuals in poly relationships reveal the complications that went down the moment they proposed. Read on as they share their stories.

Trouble in paradise.

I'm in a poly relationship. I love my boyfriend but hate our girlfriend. He proposed to me last night and asked me not to tell her yet. Part of me wants to rub it in her face but I don't want to hurt him.

The more the merrier.

My family is poly. My husband and I proposed to the same girl at the same time. We're excited to bring her into our family.

Proposing is a big step. But what does it mean for poly couples?

One of my partners proposed. As a polyamorous person it's frustrating to think some day, if one of my partners proposed, I would have to play favorites. The other could never be legally recognized.

Exciting times.

I'm in a polyamorous relationship. I'm in love with my husband and a beautiful girl. We are going to "propose" to her, by asking her to make "the unbreakable vow". She's going to freak out.

People don't always get it.

I'm polyamorous and have two partners. My girlfriend just proposed but I haven't told my partners because I'm scared they won't take it seriously.

It's not without its challenges.

My boyfriend proposed. I said yes. The problem is that we are polyamorous and both legally married to other people.