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Why These Employees Have Had Enough Of Office Politics
What is it like dealing with office politics at your job? While employees are expected to maintain a level of professionalism, there are some people who choose to play into scheming and backstabbing in order to get ahead. Follow along as these employees detail their experiences with office politics at their jobs. From manipulating their climb up the ladder to losing their jobs, these confessions will show you that the workplace is nothing short of dog eat dog.

Constant scheming.

Office politics feel a lot like House of Cards. 

I've gotten my office nemesis demoted twice, and now I'm about to take his (well, our) dream job.

Just because you don't play the game, doesn't mean you're not affected.

Feel like I just got screwed with my pants on.  Got transferred because I would rather do my job than play office politics...

Can't seem to win.

I choose not to engage in office politics and it has hurt my career.

I'm good at my job - I just don't play the games.   

I really want to go off the grid!

Trust no one.

I have discovered that in the workplace, 
some people 
set you up to fail.

Kills opportunities.

I feel like a fool. I just interviewed for a higher position in my company. Just found out my supervisor's "pet" interviewed as well. Due to office politics I doubt I will get the position. Bummer.

It takes over.

The office politics at work are consuming my life.