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17 Power Outages That Happened At The Worst Times
When it comes to life, one thing's for certain: it's unpredictable. While power outages happen to everyone here and there, some moments are more convenient than others, as these 17 people realized. Follow along as they detail the terrible times the power went out and what happened after. From falls in the shower to running into doors, find out what happened in these confessions.

Coincidence or creepy?

One time I tried to do a love spell and as soon as I finished the ritual the power went out in my entire suburb. I either experienced a huge coincidence or I accidentally summoned a demon 😂😂😂

How terrifying!

One time I was in the mannequin room at work and the power went out. I almost died. It still creeps me out going in there.

So much for keeping that a secret.

I work in health care, I'm not allowed to have my nails done. One time my daughter painted my nails with her glow in the dark polish. I forgot to take it off. The next day the power went out at work..

Scary AF.

One time the power went out but my TV stayed on. Ever since that day I've heard people talking and I've seen floating balls of energy in my room. My animals always meow at the same spot

No explanation...

One time the power went out and I ended up running into a door.. it was open.


One time the power went out at my house and my sister got freaked out because she thought that we wouldn't be able to flush the toilet..........because obviously you need power to do that