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Confessions: These People Get Real About What They Would Change About Themselves
In a cruel world, it's so easy to be our own bullies. We can be so judgmental and hard on ourselves. Nobody is perfect, and everyone has that one thing they would change about themselves. It's easy to obsess over what we would like to fix sometimes. These confessions show that everyone has that one thing they wish they could change about their life or body. Hopefully these confessions show you that you are not alone and that everyone can be insecure at times.

The dream.

I wish I could change my metabolism. I wish I could eat more of what I wanted without having to pay the consequences. I wish I could be 150 lbs again.

A very common problem in relationships.

I love myself, but I wish I could fix my attachment problems. They are intense.

It's easy to get lost in what other people think of us.

I wish my self esteem didn’t rest so heavily on whether men like me

Not an easy thing to live with.

If I could change one thing about myself, I wouldn’t be dyslexic.


I wish I could be a man instead of a woman.

If only.

I wish I could make it so that I enjoyed healthy foods and didn’t enjoy unhealthy ones.