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17 People Reveal The Unusual Thing They Gave Up For Lent
Whether you're religious or not, many people give up something for those 40 days during Lent. It's a great excuse to make changes in your life. Typically, people give up a treat or an activity that they indulge in. However, everyone is different and some people give up things for Lent that you would never expect. These confessions will remind you that you can give up more than just chocolate during this religious month.

Dang, how many nudes do you usually send!?

I gave up sending nudes for lent. I'm taking a ton of nudes on Easter Sunday haha! #noshame

Whatever makes you feel better.

I gave up extramarital relations for lent.

You got this!

This lent, I have decided to give up insulting people. Maybe I can make a huge life change and never do it again.

At least you're taking a break?...

My grandpa asked me what I gave up for lent; I said cocaine. He was not happy to hear this.

Sounds easy enough.

I gave up dating for lent. It's just been hard since all the girls I know right now are either taken or not interested in me. It actually made swearing off women fun. Glad I did this.

Sounds like no one is safe!

I gave up sarcasm and making comments for lent.
Watch out world, on Easter I'm going to roast everyone!!