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25 Honest Confessions From People Who Are Obese And How It Affects Their Lives
What is it like being obese? How does your weight effect you emotionally? How do you deal with judgment? What do you think about the fat acceptance movement? These 25 obese individuals answer these questions and more to provide insight into their daily lives. Read on for the shocking confessions.

What is it like being obese?

I'm obese and today I got told I won't live to the age of 25, things have got to change. 

I will do this!
Yes I'm obese but you know what?that doesn't mean I live in a fastfood joint it doesn't mean I do no exercise so when I tell you I'm working damn hard to be healthy you are not making it any easier
I'm obese. Today I found out from my workouts I started days ago, I lost a total of 6.4 so far. I feel like I can conquer the world, even though it's not much :)
I'm over weight by 50-70 pounds and everyone thinks I'm skinny, but I suck my stomach in 5 or more inches every time I'm out side my house/ w/ someone.
I'm a guy..
Due to a terrible diet in my childhood and I'm morbidly obese.
Now I'm terrified of losing weight as I'll have massive amounts of excess skin and can't afford surgery to remove it

Confidence has no size.

I'm morbidly obese, and I still wear crop tops and bikinis ❤ confidence has no size limit.
I'm obese and it really doesn't bother me anymore, but sometimes I find myself from a situation where a stranger gets bothered about my weight. 

I'm fucking hot!

How do you deal with it emotionally?

I wish I had a personal trainer daily making me lose weight, I hate being obese.  it makes you so depressed.  I need someone to push me
As a rape survivor part of me is scared to lose weight and become attractive again.
I'm over 300 pounds I hate my weight I really do. And honestly I don't eat that much anymore once I'm over this pneumonia I'm exercising and getting healthy. I'm tired of seeing a blob in the mirror
I am obese, my BMI is 40,2. I usually eat fast food and chocolate and soda every day. Now I haven't had anything sugar in 1 week. I'm really proud, because I used to eat to feel better, it was like a drug.

How do you deal with the struggles of losing weight?

When people find out I'm over 200 hundred pounds they are shocked and stop talking to me. They block me before I get the chance to tell them I've lost 20 pounds so far and I'm trying to be healthy.
  I'm scared to lose weight because I'm scared of loose skin
I weigh 386 lbs
I'm obese and I go from starving myself out of depression of my weight for a month to eating anything I can because I'm angry no one notices.
No one believes a fat girl can have an eating disorder.
I am obese and I am almost afraid to loose weight because I fear that I still won't be loved. At least now I can hide behind my weight as the reason I'm alone.

Is surgery the right approach?

My BMI is over 44 I'm gonna get the gastric sleeve surgery
I am obese and I'm changing it. I'm having weight loss surgery. I tried everything else and nothing worked. I wish people would quit being so mean to obese people. It's not a choice for all of us.

How do you deal with judgment?

If you're in the area and see me hiking or walking.
Don't judge me, I know I'm obese and struggling. I'm trying to do something about it.

Sincerely, the girl carrying the fat:)

What do you think about the fat acceptance movement?

I'm obese
but I don't support this
fat acceptance bs.
 Don't tell me 
I'm fine the way I am. 
Don't sugarcoat things. 
Just makes me hungry.
I am obese. I am not plump. I am not plus sized. I am not fat. I am human. I have fat, but it is not who I am. I also have stunning eyes, and a caring spirit. To the world, I am just fat. Disgusting.


Honest Confessions From People Who Overcame Obesity