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17 Confessions From People Who Got Rich Off A Personal Injury Lawsuit
If a person inflicts harm on another human being, laws are set up in our country that allow the injured party to sue the tormentor for damages and other physical-related injuries. Unfortunately, even though an injured party may win a lawsuit, all the money received in a settlement may never fix the damage that was permanently done. It’s about the principle of the matter and the opportunity to spread awareness so that an accident of that magnitude will never happen again. There are a million ways to be injured no matter where you go — work, school, even Disney World — and while some scars are forever, hopefully a large sum of cash brings some peace of mind.

Dogs aren't always so innocent.

This kid took my phone out of my hand and ran into his backyard. I went back there to retrieve it and he let his dog loose and it bit me hard. I sued for injury and won.

Running from the scene of a crime only makes things worse.

A drunk driver totaled my car and his. I ended up with a broken arm and he fled the scene on foot.

I worked at a law firm at the time. He spent a day in jail and I sued for injury.

Money doesn't make everything better, unfortunately.

I was in a car accident that left me unable to walk. My cousin caused it. I sued him and won.

Now my family is mad at me for suing him and it's not like the money helps me walk.

Always get a second opinion when it comes to diagnosing a medical opinion.

My doctor kept claiming I had menstrual cramps. I actually had sepsis and nearly died. I sued and got a huge settlement because of how sick I was.

Not quite the happiest place on Earth.

I worked at Disney World and I got injured due to a ride being faulty. I needed surgery and they refused to pay. So I sued them and won.

Beauty is pain.

I sued my stylist because she fried my hair and the texture turned out like cotton candy. She also burned my scalp.