What do you do?

My bf has Herpes. He keeps telling me it's not a big deal but I'm not convinced. I love him, but I'm super scared.

No hesitation there.

I found out today that my boyfriend has herpes. We haven't had sex yet because we wanted our relationship to be based on more than that. Despite his STD I love him anyway, with all of my heart.

You can't help but do this...

My boyfriend has herpes. Now I find myself looking at every little bump he has. I'm terrified to get it but I love him

This is a reality.

My boyfriend has herpes, I knew this before having sex with him. Always use condoms, got blood test back I contracted it. I'm more sad about how upset he will be that he gave it to me.

It can get in the way of things.

My sex life sucks because my boyfriend has herpes.


My boyfriend has herpes, and I don't. When he told me, I was a little worried and scared, but I wouldn't give him up for anything. He still deserves love.