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21 Encounters From When Adopted Kids Met Their Birth Parents
For people who were adopted, even if you're completely content with your adopted family, you might still always wonder in the back of your mind about your biological parents. Some people, through either luck, or hard work, or both, eventually are able to meet them. The experience can range from vastly disappointing, to life changing in the best possible way.

It can hurt knowing they had kids later that they wanted.

I met them when I was 18 and found out they are still together and have 3 kids they kept😳
I met my birth mom about three months ago. Just met her step son. He didnt even know i existed. Not sure how i feel about that.


A bit surreal, I'm really like her in appearance, personality and even mannerisms so it was literally like looking at a version of myself as I age.

It's not surprising to feel nothing for someone who is a stranger.

Personally it was nothing for me. When I met my biological mother I didn't feel anything. I don't care for her. I feel resentment towards her. But I don't hate her.
Disappointing there was no magical connection and he didn't feel like my dad just some drug addict loser

Reconciling having two sets of parents can be confusing.

I just met my birth dad and he referred to my birth mom as my mom. I have 2 other parents I call mom and dad. Idk if I should call my birth parents mom and dad and call my adoptive parents nicknames.

It's good to have at least one awesome birth parent.

Birthmom: Horrid. I hate her and want next to nothing to do with her.
Birthdad: love him to bits. He actually tried to be a dad.

Don't underestimate the importance of step-parents.It

I met my biological father out of pure curiosity and tbh it was awkward since he wanted to get back into my life but it was too late. My stepdad has been the dad I needed.

It's incredible how much alike you can be when you've been apart for so many years.

Emotional to say the least but it was eye opening how much i am like my birth mom even though she never raised me. I still am so much like her its ridiculous actually.

You learn a lot about your ancestry too.

To be honest it was kinda awkward because I thought I was Mexican. turns out when I saw my biological father he was japnese so I'm half. but it was kinda cool too because we both love anime

And learn that maybe they wanted you after all...

The first time I met my birth dad since I was a baby was on Wednesday. Grew up thinking him and my birth mom didn't want or love me. He was crying within the first 5 minutes talking about giving me up

You don't need to have a relationship with them if you don't want to.

I'm 24 and just found her 2 years ago after my photo went viral on FB. She was decent but she came on way too strong and I don't want a relationship at all. No point.
Horribly disappointing and it brought back all the trauma. Haven't visited again in 5 years, still dealing with the pain from the first 2 meets

But if you can connect, it's an amazing feeling.

For me personally, i finally found what was missing, my other half.

 I felt a peace inside me, i hadnt felt before.
I met my real mom yesterday ... It feet so natural to talk to her we are the same person i already know
It was crazy- we are so much alike! Neither of us knew what to say so we just stared at each other and giggled! 
(Us in pic)
I met my birth mom yesterday. I thanked her for her selflessness and allowing me to have a better life. I told her I admire her strength.

You might find they were exactly who you've been missing.

Why do i feel like I fit in more with my birth family than with my adoptive family, my adoptive family raised me, I just met my birth family & it seems like i get along with them more...

Cherish the time remaining together.

It was awkward. But my bio mom and I clicked. I knew her for 2 years before she passed from bone, liver and lung cancer. It definitely hit me hard as I had always wanted a mom..

Even if sometimes it doesn't end up working out.

I was scared the first time I met my bio mom. But things went great and we spent a few holidays together. Then things changed and now we don't really talk except on facebook


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