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Men And Women Confess Their True Feelings About 'Vajazzling'
There's always some new trend that shocks people a little bit. That's certainly the case for vajazzling: the trend where women decorate their vaginas with jewels and rhinestones. Basically bedazzling your vagina. These confessions are from men, woman and beauticians who have a few things to say about the trend. For better or for worse, this trend isn't going anywhere. Read on to decide how you truly feel about this fashion statement.

True story.

Why vajazzle? No guy has ever looked down there and said, "this looks like it needs redecorating", so I think I'm gonna stick with the Brazilian.

Some guys just aren't down.

As a man, all I can say about vajazzling is please don't. I don't like glitter in my mouth and on my face. I'm not a Twilight vampire.

Just might be.

Vajazzling sounds like an infection waiting to happen.


I'm guilty of vajazzling.
I spelled out "pound me" as a joke. My boyfriend loved it!

Oh no!

I realized I was allergic to certain glues after I tried vajazzling.

Apparently, dudes can do it too!

I vajazzled for Halloween!

I'm a guy!