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My BF Cheated And Left Me For My Roommate
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At least that's one job done for you.

My fiance left me for my roommate yesterday... well at least the trash took itself out.

The reasons don't always make sense.

A guy I hook up with left me for my roommate because he's "never tried an Indian girl as hot as her before". Like wtf? Is that a thing?

Definitely a downgrade.

My exe of 3 years left me for my college roommate. His sister texted me saying how everyone wishes they could have me instead of her & how terrible of a guy he is

Fair enough.

My now ex-boyfriend left me for my roommate. I hate them.

It's a pain you keep reliving.

My gf got knocked up and left me for my roommate. I can hear them in bed most nights and it kills me.

Everything happens for a reason.

My ex, who I thought was my true love, left me for my roommate. I later realized I'm happy I'm not with her.