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13 Employees Reveal What Went Down When They Reported Their Coworker To HR
What happens when an employee goes to HR over an issue that isn't resolving on its own? While professionalism is expected in the workplace, there are some employees who blatantly cross a line. These individuals are opening up about what drove them to report a boss or coworker to HR over matters they couldn't deal with any longer. What the human resources departments did next will shock you.

There are times when it's best to go to HR to help resolve issues in the workplace.

There's this girl at work who gossips about everyone she can. If she's not talking directly to you, she's talking about you. Today I have had enough. And I reported it to HR.

Some coworkers can be so insensitive.

My boss told me that my breast pumping is interrupting the workplace schedule and asked when I'm planning on stopping... Reported him to HR for that.

Consequences are necessary when you cross a line.

My coworker won't leave me alone about hooking up. Today I reported her to hr. hopefully they do something about this.

Enough is enough.

I reported my boss to HR today. I couldn't handle the harassment anymore.


I reported someone to their manager and HR on Wednesday. They were fired on Thursday.
He was the second person that I got fired. I love the feeling of ruining lives.

You feel trapped.

I was sexually harassed in my workplace. I reported it once. Then it happened 2 more times and one was the Boss. Didn’t/ couldn’t report it. He was the HR manager too. 😕