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19 CVS Employees On What They Really Think About Their Customers
For the most part, CVS seems like a straightforward place to work. You stock items, ring up customers and clean up the store, so what could go wrong? These 19 CVS employees reveal the struggles of their job. From rude customers to difficult management, here's what it's really like working for CVS.

This is what customers don't know about CVS employees.

I work at CVS and you can bet I judge your pictures and show them to my coworkers as they print
I work at cvs and I embarrass people, that buy condoms, for fun.
"1 pack of the best lubed condoms coming right up!"
Yeah, I work at CVS, it is super easy. I find a bunch of empty boxes from stolen shit every night.

They care.

I work at CVS and when I have a customer who is short some cash for something important I use our coupon button to help them out even though I could lose my job. People need milk or baby food.
I work at cvs and have refused to sell to people who I believed are being scammed.
I work at CVS and I love helping customers and seeing the smile on their face.