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Girlfriends Tell All: My Boyfriend's Family Hates Me
When you date someone, you also date their family in a sense. People come with baggage and sometimes that means their family members. Meeting your boyfriend's family can be a scary thing. It's even worse when they decide that they don't like you. These 17 people open up about why their boyfriend's families hate them and how hard it really is to deal with.

Age gaps sure cause drama sometimes.

My boyfriend's family hates me because I'm 26 years younger than him. They want him to go back to his ex wife who is a drug addict and can't provide a stable home for her children.

This is concerning.

My boyfriend's family hates me because I'm a different race and religion. They even told me my mother was going to hell. I hate having to be respectful to people who disrespect both me and my family.

Out with the old, in with the new.

My boyfriend's mom hates me because I'm nothing like his ex. I'm so sorry for not being like the girl who broke his heart. On the bright side, he said she needs to get over it because I'm staying forever.

Everyone has a past.

My boyfriend's father doesn't like me because I used to smoke weed, even though he has done worse things. He seriously has no room to judge. I never forced his son to get high. What the hell...

Let the haters hate!

My boyfriend's family doesn't approve of our interracial gay relationship. Incidentally, this has only strengthened our bond.

Actions always speak louder than words.

My boyfriend's family doesn't like me because they think I'm using him. I'm not sure what I can do to let them see I really do love him.