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These Women Absolutely Hate Babies. Here's Why
Everyone loves babies, right? Wrong. These women see infants as loud, tiny, selfish, tiny humans. Cute little angel or bald ugly mutant? Read on and decide for yourself.

It's not a popular opinion.

I'm a woman and I hate babies. They're not cute.

And I'd rather blow my brains out than be pregnant.
I hate babies. There. I said it. I'm 26 and female and I have no interest in producing a baby.

Women feel like the only one.

Whenever my friends see a baby, they get baby fever and start "aww! I want one." Meanwhile I am standing there like "can't see anything adorable about it, don't want it" 😂

But people feel strongly about it.

Anyone else hate babies and kids? I almost cried of anger when someone forced a baby in my hands, so I basically have a fear of babies. And hate them. And hate kids.
I'm not getting married or having kids. I'd rather do things with my life.
Plus I hate children.
Babies are the worst kind of std

Some just hate the newborn look.

I think most newborn babies look gross. Yes I know I was a baby myself and newborn me looked disgusting! I hate how newborns look. So gross.