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19 Parents Who Are Losing Weight For Their Children
Everyone has their own personal reasons for getting in shape. For these parents, it was their children. Growing up with a parent who isn't able to be as active or flexible for their kids is really hard. There was no way in the world that these moms and dads were going to have their children go through that. Read these confessions to see how they really felt about shedding pounds for their sons and daughters.

You've got this!

My dad died of heart disease. My grandmother died of heart disease. I will stop the cycle by living a healthy life so I can be at my daughter's wedding some day.

So worth it.

Got my daughter a trampoline, but the max weight is 230lbs. Mom will be losing weight so we can play together, baby girl.


I'm losing weight so I can keep up with, play with and go on kiddy rides with my son once he's old enough. 
I can't think of a better reason than that.

Whatever sparks a fire in you.

I was told if I don't lose weight, there's a chance I won't be able to have kids or it'll be difficult later on. I'm a size 10. You don't think about the extra few kgs until a doctor says something.

When you're a parent, it's all about your child.

Trying hard to get healthy and lose weight. Everyone gets mad when I say I'm not doing it for me, but I'm doing it for my daughter. I don't ever want her to be ashamed of having me around.

A valid reason for sure.

I don't want to exercise and eat healthy to lose weight. I want to do it to be healthier and be able to play with my kids when they are born.