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Employees Confess The Real Reason Why They Were Late To Work
A lot can happen to you before you make it to work in the morning. Running late happens, but having to confront your boss about it can be so awkward. These people had some less than valid excuses for why they couldn't make it to the office in time. Read on for some laughs because these are all beyond ridiculous! These confessions will make you wonder what they actually told their boss.

Mother knows best.

I was late for work because I couldn't find my only bra in a sea of clothes on the floor. There's a reason your mom says clean your room...So you don't wind up be a grown woman losing a job over a bra.

Sometimes a little white lie is just better.

I was late for work because I picked up an ounce of weed. Blamed it on traffic....

 I'm a physician.

Who can be mad about that?

I was late for work because I stopped to cuddle a stray cat

Oh, bodily functions.

I was late for work this morning.
 Reason? I had to poop. 
I never poop in the morning.
 I didn't realize how time consuming pooping is.

Just keeping it real.

I was late for work because I was watching porn.. No regrets.

Wonder how that chat went...

I was late for work today, wasn't gonna lie to my boss I told him straight up that I didn't set my alarm because I didn't want to come.