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True Life: These 19 Parents Faced Losing Their Children To DCFS
Raising children is no easy task. Some parents really struggle to provide for their kids- they face all kinds of challenges ranging socioeconomic struggles, to mental illness, addiction, and complicated family issues. Despite their best efforts sometimes parents are investigated by child services. Sometimes they are falsely accused of neglect, and other times the claims are legitimate. But however it comes about, it is a horrifying reality check for these parents. Read on for 19 honest confessions from parents who faced the Division of Child and Family Services.

A lot of parents face scrutiny from outsiders...

My neighbor called child services on me because I was teaching my son how to ride a dirtbike. She said it was to dangerous. Are you kidding me. Parents like her are what's wrong with this country.
Someone turned me in to DCFS. Some of their complaints were that I use profanity around my kid and that I let him paint his nails. That doesn't make me abusive! Now I'm being investigated. 😤

The thought of losing their kids is horrifying.

DCFS is trying to take my kid away. I feel like somebody ripped my soul out. I don't want to live without my son. I haven't done anything wrong I swear! Please just don't take my baby away.
2 months ago my neighbors lied to the cops and said we beat our son with a shovel. I don't even own one. Now when my 5 yo throws a fit I'm worried DFS will show up again and take him.

Even seemingly minor incidents can put a family at risk...

My husband left our kids in a hot car while he went to the store. When he came out EMS workers were removing them. Now we're at risk of having our kids taken by CPS. How could he do this to us?!

Injuries can lead to stressful investigations.

My step-son broke his arm and now DCFS is doing an investigation and even though I know nothing will come of it, I still feel depressed and anxious.
My son had a skull fracture when he was 2 days old. It was my fault,  I was tired and he just slipped out of my hands. DCFS investigated me and I wasn't allowed to be alone with him for 8 months. 😢

Unfortunately sometimes the kids are taken away...

My kids are in dhs custody.. I secretly hate my mom because she called on me.  Yes I made mistakes but I'm growing with the help of God and I'm not going to give up .
DCFS took my kids because their father (my ex) made up some stuff and called them on me. My heart is breaking without them. I'm a good mom.
I tried to tell my partner he has to do a better job making sure our kid gets to bed early and goes to school on time, but he didn't. Now DCFS is taking custody. I'm scared.

And even if custody is restored parents may always feel on edge.

I lost my kids to DCS two years ago. I worked hard and got them back. Now I am terrified every time they throw a fit in public they'll get taken again. I hate the constant fear.
Having my son in protective custody by DCFS has me paranoid, stressed, depressed. I've got a job, my own place, and his unstable dad has moved out of state. But I'm still paranoid I'm not good enough

Some parents know they weren't providing enough for their kids... but it doesn't make it easier to lose them.

DFS took my babies away... my house was filled with mold. I'm beyond depressed. I feel so guilty every moment. I'm doing everything to get them back but this is terrible 😰

They work hard to get them back, but it can be tough.

I'm going through DCFS because i didn't want to keep my son. I neglected him by never being around him. Now I'm trying to be his mom and DCFS won't let me bond with him.

Sometimes people close to these parents put their family stability at risk...

My ex's new gf called child services on me in an effort to have my daughter taken away. Of course everything was fine and DCFS left my house impressed, but it's still so scary. I'd be lost without her
Some loser reported us to DFS saying my house is full of dog feces and is not a place for a child. DFS walked in and was surprised how spotless my house was. Why can't I get a break?!

These complaints can have drastic results...

My brother called DFS on me because I pulled out of his wedding last minute. I'm a single mom and a student so I couldn't afford it. Now I face losing my child just because he's petty.
I don't have my daughter anymore because my mom called DFS on me when I told her she couldn't see my baby anymore. Why all the drama?! I'm just being a good parent.

Some parents wish they could have a second chance.

My daughter was adopted out by DCFS 2 years ago. I'm heartbroken about it every day. They took her because my ex was abusive. I couldn't get her back even after I left him. 💔
I'll never be able to adopt or foster because when I was younger, and foolish, my daughter was taken by DCFS. 

I have my life together now, why don't I get a second chance?


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