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Strippers Tell All: What Really Goes Down During Bachelor Parties
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Check your pockets next time.

I'm a stripper ,  I get paid to go to men's houses for bachelor parties.

My boss asks me to steal from them...

Sometimes it's just good, clean fun.

I'm a stripper and I danced for the most respectful bachelor the other night. I'm so happy for his wife because he and his friends were true gentlemen and still had fun!

Other times, crazy things go down.

I'm a stripper. I got asked to attend a bachelor party. At the bachelor party I had a threesome... With the groom and the best man.

What happens at those parties must stay at them!

Easy money.

I'm a stripper. Me and my girls hit up a bachelor party last night and I made 6 bills in 3 hours. And no I don't have sex with anybody.

In case you were wondering:

I'm a stripper who works a lot of bachelor parties.

Most men are unfaithful before the marriage even starts, sorry to tell you.

That's probably not how it should work.

I've gotten off more than I should have as a stripper at at bachelor parties...