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20 College Professors Who Should Be Fired Immediately
We expect our professors to bring their all to the classroom. They are our mentors, our resources of knowledge, and our role models. As it turns out, not every professor fits this bill. Certain professors know nothing about the subject they are teaching, are lazy, and actually harass their students. Nobody signs up to pay for this type of tomfoolery,

Believe it or not, some professors are not professional at all

My professor said she knows very little about the subject she's teaching.. For obvious reasons that scared me

Some of them are extremely questionable in fact

I feel like my professor doesn't know what he is doing. Unfinished, unedited and incorrect slides? Wiki as the official site? Who hired this guy?

When professors can't back up what they say yet assign too much work...

I feel like my professor doesn't know what she's talking about and is unreasonable with her assignment demands

Sounds like this professor needs to take their own course.

My professor doesn't know how to teach biology.. Ugh

This is like a chef not knowing how to cook

My professor sucks at giving lectures 😩

Looks don't matter when it comes to education

My professor sucks at teaching, but damn is he hot!