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21 Shocking Comments Clients Heard From Their Therapists
When someone is seeking help from a therapist, they're usually in a vulnerable place looking to someone for advice and guidance. However, some things said at the therapist's office can be a bit unexpected, and even inappropriate. These 21 individuals are opening up about the shocking comments they heard while sitting down to receive therapy. Find out the shocking things that were said in these surprising confessions.

Talk about inappropriate.

My parents made me leave my old therapist because she explained how gay men had sex when I was only 13. I actually didn't mind because I hated her.

Can't believe they said that.

I get pissed off when someone says I need a therapist because when I was 16, my therapist at the time told me that I would never find someone to love me.

How cruel.

My therapist told me I looked really heavy which made me relapse on my eating disorder

Oh no.

Started therapy because my mom is terminally ill. Instead of, you know, HELPING me, my new therapist hit on me for the duration of our session and told me to "call him later".

Out of line.

My therapist told me I should get a hooker yesterday.

Not seeing the correlation...

Today my therapist told me I'm a lesbian because I have a bad relationship with my mother... Time to find a new therapist.