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15 Brutally Honest Times People Confronted Anti-Vaxxers
The anti-vaccination movement is a topic that's rife with controversy, with people vehemently supporting both sides of the argument. Yet even after the link between autism and vaccines had been disproven, there are still parents who opt not to vaccinate their child. What do people think about these personal exemptions? Find out in these brutally honest confessions.

Should there be measures in place to make sure kids are vaccinated?

I think parents that don't vaccinate their kids (barring medical issues, of course] should be charged with child endangerment. Until a legal precedent is set, it's going to keep happening.
I vaccinated my son without telling my partner, he's anti vaccination and I'm not risking my sons life
I'm secretly angry that my friend won't vaccinate their child

There are strong feelings on both sides of the issue.

Parents that don't vaccinate should have their kids taken, be sterilized, then locked up in prison.

It's a sensitive topic.

I stopped respecting my boyfriend's sister in law when she told me she won't vaccinate her son to prevent him from developing autism.
I don't trust people who don't vaccinate their children.