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22 Life-Threatening Allergic Reactions People Experienced
Many of us experience mild allergies, especially now that it's spring time. Sure, sneezing, a runny nose, and itchy eyes are annoying, but chances are they won't land you in the hospital. Imagine being so allergic to something that one touch or one bite could put you in a life or death situation. For people with severe allergies, this is a very real possibility they live with every day.

As if having cancer wasn't horrible enough already...

I nearly died from an allergic reaction to chemo last week... I hate hospitals now.

Allergic reactions have ruined a lot of dates...

I'm horribly allergic to febreze. I went to a guy's place and turns it out he sprayed his bed with it before I came in. I had a severe allergic reaction. We are now in the ER.
I had an allergic reaction and had to go the hospital today because my boyfriend ate peanuts and then kissed me
I'm in the hospital right now due to an allergic reaction and I haven't told my boyfriend. I've been having heart issues and I'm scared if I add this to my pile of health BS he'll get too worried.
Im highly allergic to flowers & i make a point of telling people I go on dates with to not buy them for me
A guy didn't listen & I ended up in hospital with breathing difficulties. Never saw him again

It's scary for sure...

To the paramedic that helped me with my allergic reaction today, thank you for saving my life and holding my hand while I was scared.