I work at Victoria's Secret. We see people steal all the time, we just don't care.

You're just good at your job.

I work at Victoria's Secret. I don't even buy or use the products I sell to people, but I'm really good at my job.

That's unexpected.

I connected so well with a customer that she asked for my number. I work at Victoria's Secret, she's 43, I'm a 19 year old woman.

The struggle is real.

I work at Victoria's Secret and what's really sad is, I have all this lingerie I got for pennies and no one to show it off for... I hate constantly getting hurt

It's not for everyone.

I work at Victoria's Secret and I absolutely hate my managers. I literally cry every night after my shifts. Is it worth $10 an hour to feel this way?

The temptation is real.

I work for Victoria's Secret and I love being able to check out women in our bras. I keep it professional but it's really hard sometimes.