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These Parents Are Not Afraid To Be Ashamed Of Their Kids. Here's Why.
When parents raise their children, they expect them to be upstanding citizens. However, that isn't always the case. Sometimes kids go off on their own path that doesn't align with their parents' hopes and dreams. And because of this, Mom & Dad might be upset. In fact, they might be more than disappointed in how their kids turned out. Is this the ideal outcome of child-rearing? No, not at all. But it's honest.

When the son you bury isn't the one you raised.

I didn't attend his funeral. The boy that died wasn't my son; the son I'd loved and cared about, the son who thought something of the world. All that had been left was an addict. I was ashamed of him.

When their daughter becomes a teen mom.

My parents are ashamed of me and my son. They have me go to my room when they have people over and avoid the subject of grandkids, me, or anything involving family.

When they let their parents down.

My 19 yr old son being locked up in jail for 2 wks.  Broke my heart.

When health problems start early.

My fat ass son really needs to loose some weight. He's 7 and I'm already ashamed of being his dad.

When their son can't stay away from drugs.

My son is a heroin IV user. Currently serving a prison sentence. I hope when he comes home, he will stay away from need of the high. He was in such a bad, bad place

When their son disrespects women.

My son cheated on his girlfriend and she broke his nose, I'm not sure if I should be ashamed he got beat up by a girl or proud he didn't hit her back.

When their kid doesn't reflect the way he was raise.

My son is in prison and I feel like it's my fault for not raising him better

When their son breaks the law.

Just had my 16 yo son getting home drunk for the first time in his life. Pretending not to notice bc I can see how ashamed he looks trying to get on his room as fast as possible and act normally

When they don't live up to their potential.

It's sad when the day comes that your actually ashamed of your own son and what he's become as a young adult

When their kids think they're entitled.

I know it's ashamed. All these kids growing up without manners and think they deserve everything in the world.

When their son commits crimes.

My son is an habitual criminal and drug user I'm feel so ashamed

When they continue to act out.

I'm ashamed that the thought of relinquishing custody of my son crossed my mind. I've put him in therapy, meds, TALKING to him but his behaviour is taking such a high toll on me emotionally.

When they turn their son in to the law.

He's still in prison. I took my son to the prison

When they expected more.

My "Dad" said that he's ashamed of calling me son... Just because I'm not what he wanted...

When they're still not potty-trained.

My son pissed his pants in class I was ashamed

When their kid is a menace.

My step son wouldnt quit assaulting other kids (5 years old so same thing no one would do anything but send him home) I made home like prison. He quit real quick when he realized what life could be.

When their son is behind bars.

It takes a lot of time.  I live it with my son.  He is almost 30, in prison.  When he did come over I felt like I had to follow him around the house.  I may never completely trust him 100%.

When their kid risks his future for lust.

My son had sex with a girl 3 weeks before her birthday and almost went to prison. So NO!!!

When their happiness doesn't forgive mistakes.

After 11 years, my son was released from prison today.
He was the last person I kissed.
I missed him...But no!
Just no!!!


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