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17 Surprising Reasons People Went Into Anaphylactic Shock
What is it like for someone going through something as traumatizing as anaphylactic shock? While there are minor allergies that do nothing more than cause irritation, there are some things that cause life-threatening allergies for people where time is of the essence. These 17 individuals reveal the scary situations that lead to experiencing anaphylactic shock. From stolen food to cheating exes, find out what caused these near-death experiences.


My coworker just went into anaphylactic shock after she stole my lunch without asking and ate it. They are actually trying to treat me like I did it on purpose... How the hell should I have known she was going to steal it!

Can't believe that happened!

My coworker was once fired because she went into anaphylactic shock and left before her shift started. Our boss texted her to never come back.

People can develop allergies over time.

I've had my cat for 5 years, but I just went into anaphylactic shock for the first time. This morning it happened again, from petting him. My cat can kill me!!


My ex gave me chlamydia when he cheated. I didn't know until I was hospitalized for a kidney infection. I went into anaphylactic shock from the antibiotics and flat lined. His cheating almost killed me.

Lesson learned.

My boyfriend once tried to take me on a romantic picnic. I got stung by a bee and almost went into anaphylactic shock. That was are 4th date. We stay indoors now.

Who knew?

Almost went into anaphylactic shock yesterday cause APPARENTLY I'm allergic to sulfur and had been on a high dosage of sulfur antibiotics for a week. Oops...