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20 Couples Who Still Surprise Each Other
There's a lot of debate about to truly keep the spark alive in a relationship. What's one way? It's making the effort to always keep trying to surprise your partner. Everyone loves a good surprise, whether it's a nice dinner, flowers, or something new to spice things up in the bedroom. As long as it's thoughtful and done with love, they're sure to appreciate it.

So adorable.

I just had a customer come in and buy an entire outfit for his girlfriend as a surprise. I want a man like that. 😞

She's gonna be surprised alright.

At the airport, coming home early....going to surprise the shit out of my girlfriend.

Things never really go as planned...

I've been standing by our front door naked, wrapped in a towel to surprise my husband on his lunch break. 

He's running late, and now I'm hungry. 


Gotta look good for your lady!

My 20 y/o patient came in to get his teeth cleaned before leaving to surprise his girlfriend, who's studying abroad in France. She hasn't physically seen him in almost 2 years. How cute it that??!


My girlfriend found out I'd been watching power rangers on Netflix we are both 19 she showed up at my house last night dressed as the pink ranger best surprise sex ever

Who's down? This sounds amazing.

My boyfriend spent almost $150 on paint, canvases, brushes and more to surprise me with a Bob Ross watch and paint party this weekend! 

Yup, he's a keeper ❤

Dream guy right here.

Surprise remodeling while the wife is out of town think she will like it?

You can do it girl!

I won't get to see my boyfriend all summer. I'm going to surprise him by losing enough weight to fit into a dress I really want to wear. Time to start liking vegetables. 
Cheer me on plz.

ALWAYS a good idea. Trust.

its always good to bring flowers for your girlfriend. 



Wife is not home today.  I am gonna clean the whole house, cook and surprise her when she gets back..
Came home earlier than usual .. Gonna surprise my wife by cooking her fav meal ! hope she likes it


I tried to surprise my husband on the fact that we were having twins by saying, "Baby A has a normal heartbeat. So does Baby B."
His initial reaction was, "Our baby has two heartbeats??"

Too cute.

I went to surprise my wife at her job with lunch. Half way there I got a call from my secretary. My wife showed up at my job for lunch.

Every other husband will be jealous.

Doing a boudoir photoshoot for  a surprise for my husband tonight

Excited yet very nervous
I'm so excited that I get to surprise my husband with a weekend away!  He works so hard for our kids and me 😀

Sometimes the surprises are subtle.

My husband and I didn't move in together until after we got married. It's been the sweetest surprise to learn more about each other and continue growing and improving our communication.

It's the little things!

I brought a milkshake home to my husband as a surprise.

 It might as well have been a million dollars-
He was filled with 
pure joy!

Imagine the look on his face...

My boyfriend is half Puerto Rican so I'm making a conscious effort to learn Spanish so it'll be easier to talk to his family. He doesn't know this because I wanna surprise him


My girlfriend was on her period yesterday so I decided to surprise her with chocolate, ice cream and movie night
Woke up and found a surprise in the fridge!


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