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17 Dating App Trolls Who Can't Get Enough Of Messing With You
Most people go on dating apps with the hopes of being one step closer to one day finding the love of their life. However, the more you use dating apps the more you recognize that there are some red flags to look out for, like trolls for example. These 17 people confess the things they do on dating apps to mess around with their fellow app users. Find out what kind of things they do so you know what to look out for.

Trolls are all about messing with people.

On dating apps, if a guy starts a conversation with a perverted message, I can't help but pretend to be arrogant and awful to see how quickly I can put them off

This could apply in other cities as well...

How to troll Tinder in Seattle : 

Put "I love the patriarchy" in your profile

Have fun with it.

I just downloaded Tinder (mostly to troll) 
I used Dan Howell with a wig as my profile picture.

What's not to love?

Recently I just wanted to make a fake tinder account and have a bunch of pictures of Chuck Bass from gossip girl just to see what happens

Maybe one day.

I troll dating sites in the hopes someone can match my trolling skills.

Funny how that works.

My troll tinder account gets me more relationship material than my actual account... this bordeline wrecks me... I can get more action being a furry than a normal person... and I'm not even a furry...