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The Most Ridiculous Comments People Received While Buying Pregnancy Tests
Buying a pregnancy test is an experience that most people would like to keep private, quick and painless. Whether you're excited the pregnancy or terrified at the thought, it's something that should be your business, and your business alone. Unfortunately, these 17 people had that private moment ruined when the cashiers had something to say about it all. Find out the shocking comments people received while buying a pregnancy test.

What was he thinking?

Once I bought a pregnancy test and the cashier said "It's good to see fatties get action too."

He most likely got fired.

Can't believe they said that.

I went to buy a pregnancy test with my three kids with me. The cashier told me I should look into birth control. I was furious.

How awkward.

My baby sister was too embarrassed to buy a pregnancy test so I got her one. The cashier said he could save me $25 because I was definitely pregnant.

That's crossing a line.

While buying a pregnancy test the clerk told me, "you should go ahead and get rid of it. You're too young and will ruin your life."


One time the cashier asked me how I was doing and before I could answer, she saw I was buying a pregnancy test and said "oh damn I'm sorry"


When buying a pregnancy test, maybe the clerk shouldn't comment "May the odds be ever in your favor"