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Love Seekers Explain Why Modern Dating Is The Actual Worst
If you're currently single or have been in the last 5 years, you know how hard it is out there. Dating these days pretty much feels like a part time job with often a very small reward. Dating apps exist to make dating easier for those living life in the fast lane, but it sure doesn't seem to do anything but complicate romance. It seems like everyone is looking for the 'next best thing' with all their options online and no one seems to take each other seriously. These daters especially know that to be true. Read on to see confessions about modern romance and why it's looking gloomy for those looking for love right now.

Sad but true.

Modern dating got me like: "Yeah, we're just having sex, not dating...but I'd like to, so I can't sleep with you because I don't want to jeopardize getting laid"

Such a valid point.

What is up with "dating" these days? I didn't have to send you nudes/get d**k pics before camera/smart phones, so why do it now? Ya parents didn't do it either! Try actually getting to know someone!

Love is a battle field.

I've literally swiped through Tinder and POF and they both have nothing. It's so hard to find something now. I didn't realize this was the dating game... FML.

It's a never ending cycle.

It's funny how everyone complains about the games and ghosting of modern dating, then turn around and play games and ghost someone else. Everyone wants to complain but still perpetuates

It's not cute.

I hate how "dating" these days is all about playing games. 
Don't keep me on the end of a string just to cut me off in the end.

Everyone wants the next best thing.

I hate modern dating. No one wants to commit to anything anymore when there seems like there are a million options out there