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True Life: I Have Dwarfism
“I’m A Little Person & I'm Tired Of Being Seen As A Joke To The World.”

The upside to being a little person, you get all the awesome looking kids clothes 
I'm a little person, my husband is 6'1 and our daughter is black. We couldn't look anymore different!
Last night my fiance posted about our engagement and someone made a comment about my hands. I have dwarfism so I'm not proportionate. He thinks I'm beautiful. That's what matters.
I'm a little person, but I'm okay with the term midget
I have heterochromia and dwarfism, I hate it but my bf loves it. He says he doesn't care about height and eye colour, all he cares is that I love him and he loves me, can't believe he's mine 💘
It's taken me many years to be ok with being a dwarf and the smallest guy in the group but I'm finally ok with it and happy being me.
Sometimes I feel like no one cares and I am just one lonely little person in a huge world
Yes I'm a guy who is a dwarf and also a human being! .... Not some walking/talking freak show
I feel like I'm the only LP who feels like dwarf is so much worse than the word midget. I think it just sounds ridiculous. I'm a human, not some mythological creature.
I'm a little person/dwarf/midget and I'm tired of being seen as a joke to the world. I deserve to be loved too. (Image not me)
It sucks being a little person and a furry. Can't find a mate 
21 F
I am a little person. But I can take up the whole bed no problem.
My son is a little person + saw a pic of women w/ dwarfism + said they're ugly. I told him he'd be little like them, + they're beautiful. He cried + said he wants to be tall like daddy, broke my heart
Being a dwarf is all fun and games until it's time to get on a rollercoaster...
 When I went to the shopping centre, the automatic door wouldn't open for me. I had to stand there and wait until someone else walked by to open it for me. I suffer from dwarfism and this is a daily occurrence.
I'm a dwarf and I HATE my body. I hate how clothes fit. I hate how weak I am.
People ask me why I don't apply for disability if I'm "legally" a midget, I'm not handicapped I'm perfectly fine so why take money that I don't need from the government that's already in debt.
I'm a dwarf male and before you judge the chip on my shoulder, walk in my shoes
I always relate to Tyrion Lannister. Mostly because I'm a dwarf who likes wine and has been betrayed by most of my family
I'm a little person and it honestly breaks my heart when I see pairs of beautiful high heels. None of them come in a size 2.5 in kids. 💔


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